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  1. Yeah, I told him that I would not use this dupe, even with improvements, because of how it would bottleneck some of the time, and you would have to go around just to access your base. I agree with abstergo that this is not something to fret about, but I would suggest not doing things like this. You aren't going to get punished severely though.
  2. I discussed this with a shitass, and I believe that this is questionable. I told him he would have to make down changes to this to even make it even viable. He is a great staff member, but he certainly did test his limits with this. He did edit his dupe some, allowing Nocollide at the spawn tunnel part, but the biggest problem is how you have to go all the way around before he put down the no collide for his dupe. I am not really inclined to leave it be or punish him severely, so I am going to be Neutral. I don't think this is as big of a problem as people make it to be, I just think a simple reviewing of basing rules will fix the problem.
  3. You need to be more detailed in your appeals if you wish to be unbanned, or else this will be denied. I could consider a ban reduction, but I don't have to, because you did it intentionally.
  4. I'm gonna have to agree with slick here. Don't plant bombs in crowded areas. It'll turn out very badly for you, as you can tell. Don't plant bombs unless you are raiding or defending. -1
  5. The ban is justified. The most I would even consider is a 2 day ban reduction. Next time, properly read motd and job roles, so this doesn't happen again. -1
  6. After watching the video, I believe I am in favor of punishment for the person who initiated the voteban. both parties(you and person you were arresting), were clearly okay with it, and it seemed like he didn't try to investigate it further, just rushing to conclusions. +1
  7. You are about to get unbanned soon, but this does look like a false voteban. both parties were accepting with it, and the dude just instantly jumped to a voteban. I would suggest making this a report, in the reports section
  8. But you have no evidence to back up your claim? I don't think this will get far without it.
  9. A meth rework would be dope. I don't care about the model, but I am +1 for the rework.
  10. Dan Mcstubbins

    Ban Appeal

    I can't really trust this based off of your word alone. If you don't have the proper evidence to appeal, then you most likely will not get unbanned. I will wait for Tyz before doing my final verdict but right now, it is leaning towards a downvote.
  11. Like kilo said, no racial slurs are allowed at all on this server, so If I see someone calling someone a "ch*nk" or "b*****", then they will be punished for racism when necessary. When it comes to this appeal though, I believe that F***** is for some reason, allowed, to me used, which fucking baffles me, because it is a slur towards homosexual people, but it's not a slur specific towards this ethnicity in particular. After breaking this down, I don't think what he said is exactly racism, and if we let other people say F*****, but not this guy, just because he targeted an ethnicity with it, would be hella hypothetical. What are we gonna do? Are we gonna let people say it, or are we going to slam people for it? You can't have both. EDIT: verdict changed to neutral.
  12. A rework would definitely be better than removing them entirely. I don't think we necessarily need them removed anyway, and I don't think Sugar wants to anyway, seeing his reaction to Fuels suggestion
  13. Yeah, I agree with Walter, that you are being a little dishonest, and even then, if you are just gonna mimic people saying edgy/disgusting shit, then I don't know how comfortable I feel about this. -1
  14. Yeah I dunno about this to be honest. I saw you on yesterday and you didn't seem too bad, but alts stay banned. Sugar rarely makes exceptions, so I don't think it'll happen. Plus, you did it twice???? -1
  15. But everyone jokes about the olive exploit and piss/cum swep already.
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