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  1. I wouldn't kiss him at all - Green
  2. I like Reese's Pieces cuz they are good without the chocolate, M&Ns suck ass
  3. This issue is still not fixed and it is still as annoying as ever.
  4. I'm loving this idea since normal goons are really a push over. When a wave of goons usually spawns it gets decimated in seconds. +1
  5. My bad I was doing something. Before I made this report, I talked with some admins and head admins and they said it was a valid rp reason to kill the bounty hunter.
  6. Like I said the bounty hunter is hunting you text popped up on my screen.
  7. I would understand this if there was more than just 1 bounty hunter on the server though. You know that it's that one bounty hunter if there is only 1 bounty hunter online.
  8. But the thing is i didnt even get to find out if he even said that she had my bounty. Vexxy didn't say anything just that I rdmed the bounty hunter. That's why i made this appeal
  9. I have no actual video evidence, but I have the warn on my profile. So, I was just chilling on a roof right beside fountain and it pops up that I get a bounty. Keep in mind that hxnessy was the only bounty hunter online at that moment in time. She did !bountylist and got my bounty. I then proceed to shoot the bounty hunter down and take his gun that he dropped on death. The bounty hunter then makes a sit for rdm on me. To make things short I left the sit with a warn. I don't know why I deserved this warn, but if I did, sorry for wasting your time.
  10. But I never que for any events and it still usually kicks me out at the start and end of it. It gets annoying after a while. It should be like if you actually queued for the event, it will kick you out not just an event started kick everyone out of their inventory or lootbox.
  11. I used to be a staff and stay on all the time til reset. Who knows, that may happen again.
  12. Seriously, how much did silver give you? - Green
  13. I ran into this bug a lot of times. It's been quite annoying that everytime I spawn or at random times I just spin around. I really hope this bug gets squashed
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