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  1. Drugs already give probably the most money if you have a lot of plots. There is 0 reason we should make one of the best ways to make money easier for people. Also literally planting 1 mega seed is not hard to do at all
  2. If sugar just nerfed the damage on it and not fully removed it, wouldn't that be completely allowed and ok to use? Also going by the last report that was made on him and got almost insta denied, it would be fair to assume that this would be allowed. At most he should have probably been given a verbal for this or just not even talked to, since it is literally an intentional feature to the sticky grenades. +1 on unban
  3. I'm -1 for this. This has never been allowed and never will be. Its using it in an unintended way aka using it to avoid damage which is literally considered exploiting. In all honesty, it looks to me that you got off easy with a warn. I would just take the warn and use it as a learning experience to not do it again.
  4. It's pretty clear that he intentionally went out of his way and rdmed you and those other people. I'm going to accept this and increase the ban time that he already has. ACCEPTED
  5. With all this evidence now coming into play, I feel like we honestly made the wrong call and we should have looked into this more with you and jay. I do not think that you or jay should have been wiped or 6mo banned. With the evidence that we have, I do believe just shortening reiko's ban to around like 2-3mo give or take and unwiping him and actually unbanning and unwiping jay would make a lot more sense here. So, my conclusion is to shorten reiko's ban to 2-3mo and to unwipe him completely, and to unban and unwipe Professional Jay Walker completely given the evidence that they provided.
  6. Maybe if you would make an actual appeal to the ban instead of just ranting on then we could do something, but as of right now this appeal is just a rant at best. Put in time for your appeal and we can help you, but this is ridiculous. DENIED
  7. Since user has yet to provide us with any additional evidence this will be DENIED
  8. DENIED Spoke with person that wrote this report and he does not have any evidence of said staff member noclipping.
  9. DENIED Punishment will stay as is. Next time please refrain from loophooling the rules, thank you!
  10. remove the hoverboard it makes the model wonky and its a bad rip-off of festive penguin pet. It will be 100% be better without the hoverboard like tene said.
  11. If you didn’t want to MRDM then why did you shoot a sbc into a highly populated area? I have to agree with cobaselic here, there is an RDM zone for a reason so use that instead of RDMing with an sbc. I am going to be -1 for any unban at all. You knew what would happen when you shot that sbc into a populated area and you still done it anyway. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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