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  1. I disagree. I feel like all pets should have a unique effect to them, even if they are a limited time pet.
  2. I have too many friends to count and my party size only holds 8! This needs to be upped to atleast 12! +1
  3. So it would be easier just to press tab and see how many hours they have instead of going to discord or all the way to game tracker to see. It's a simple, but good idea and I'm all for it!
  4. -1 What you did back in 2019 is pretty much unforgivable and was really messed up to do. Honestly, in my opinion, you should try to find a new server other than this one because you don't belong here anymore at least.
  5. I have been taking sits all throughout today except for the 1 time I was afk and I let everyone know I was afk. I don't know what the big issue is, but I'm sorry?
  6. When? Please explain to me when I died to a shitter. Also nerf jugg mini, the shit is op.
  7. I think everything has need to be said by everyone else. You are very toxic and you provided no real evidence to help you at all. -1
  8. a huge -1 from me. You just did this out of spite just to do it and its fucked up that you actually done it. It was very wrong what you have done and you definitely do not deserve an unban, personally, I think a community removal will fit you better but it's not my decision.
  9. I kept on telling Rubik about this. It's a very annoying bug and I hope to see it get fixed.
  10. this is a pretty bad idea, not going to lie. Bank is the way it is now because it got a major ass buff that lets you get 100% out of the bank everytime you raid instead of a random percentage of it. I agree with tene, just revert the bank back into the old bank and it will be totally fine again.
  11. everytime i see a post from you, i shut my brain off and this happily backs up my actions.
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