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  1. remove the hoverboard it makes the model wonky and its a bad rip-off of festive penguin pet. It will be 100% be better without the hoverboard like tene said.
  2. If you didn’t want to MRDM then why did you shoot a sbc into a highly populated area? I have to agree with cobaselic here, there is an RDM zone for a reason so use that instead of RDMing with an sbc. I am going to be -1 for any unban at all. You knew what would happen when you shot that sbc into a populated area and you still done it anyway. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  3. This appeal will be ACCEPTED and ban will be reduced to 6mo. Do not say stuff like that again and this won't happen!
  4. This report will be ACCEPTED user will be warned for Propblock
  5. My opinion on it is basically just it should be warnable if continuosly used against a person, like harrassment and shit like that. But just saying it shouldn't be warnable, you aren't really targetting anyone with it so nobody should get mad honestly.
  6. https://www.free-iqtest.net/score/3A24/ smarter than rubik. not suprised
  7. It's Ya Boi Green Mayne#3508 Chocolate sucks so like gummies or something.
  8. I was a raider aswell. Nobody in the bank told you it was ok to break NLR, so this is totally on you for breaking NLR like 5 times.
  9. fr just revert that and we are chillin
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