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  1. I always keep my king laws the same all the time. King and his party can KoS anyone who enters. I know that you were doing something for me, but it also comes down if my party members want you in there as well. My party member definitely killed you mulitple times and you decided to come back after dying, which is something that I don't understand why people do that.
  2. After watching the footage and everything, it does look like its MRDM to me as well since both times he just randomly shot a SBC into a group or at one person. I'm going to be a +1 for banning Sniipes for MRDM. I do feel like the moderator that was involved with this should be talked to as well.
  3. It sounds as though as you regret your decisions on the server and what you have done, but you can't take back what you have done. I'm all for a +1 , but I would like for you to be under very strict watch and everything just to make sure you actually changed.
  4. I agree with this. Everytime I get a t3, i always get depression from opening one of them because of how shit the loot is. For a while now, it has been like this, so I believe that t3's are in need of a little buff. +1
  5. Very good idea. Fortnite is very pog! +1
  6. Thank you b0ne we need more people like you
  7. You know it is kind of funny to see you say for mat grenades to not remove fences and to add back punting c4s but you were the main one to make c4 punting be removed from the server
  8. Yeah this definitely is harrassment to a very high extent. I would definitely like to hear their part of the story just to see what they say since that video shows a lot.
  9. Honestly I have no idea but probably not. It's not the server that has to enforce the laws of a different state or country A question for the higher ups but honestly you probably won't get someone in trouble for breaking said law, if he even did.
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