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  1. It does seem like he destroyed his entities, but I would like for him to explain his side of the story first, and for other staff members to look at this report . NEUTRAL
  2. In-Game name: It's Ya Boi Green Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:156758112 I'm going to smoke weed and relax, maybe eat some candy who knows.
  3. I don't have a lot of sympathy with people like you. You make yourself sound like you were innocent over this ban appeal but in reality it was a reasonable ban. We will never allow that type of shit being said in the server and never will, I don't even know why you said it in the first place. -1
  4. people like playing chess and checkers. Try harder to kill them!
  5. I liked how silver got yelled at by this guy and he was defending him. L Bozo
  6. I agree with this. I used to be bank manager all the time whenever it was the way it was, but now that people get 100% out of it, they will raid it any chance they get. I would love to get the bank up in money, but I don't like spending my time to get it up in money to just get it all the way back down to where it originally was because of the 100% out of bank.
  7. +1 very fun server! Should definitely give it a try if you have absolutely nothing in life to look forward to!
  8. i just want a pet blob that rolls around on the ground and makes a slime trail but you can change the color of the slime to any color
  9. He sounds like a good guy, so I'm kinda glad that he isnt banned. Thank you toosii for changing your font, you finally don't hurt my eyes.
  10. I mean it was MNLR and you even said that you did the MNLR so just wait it out, 2 days more won't hurt you that much unless jack decides otherwise. -1
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